My name is Anna and I've lived in Paris for nine months. As soon as I arrived, I started my classes with Laurence. She's perfect for me because she isn't a traditional teacher. She uses a variety of teaching methods in her lessons. It's impossible to get bored with her. During my pregnancy, I enjoyed our cultural visits in Paris. We also saw some French films. She really knows how to adapt to each person's needs and requirements. She's flexible. I've made some good progress and I'm now able to have a conversation in French without any difficulties.

I highly recommend Laurence. I've already recommended her to others with whom I know.


Girlfriend of Leonardo de Auraujo, Sports Director of the Paris Saint-Germain soccer team
June 2012


Laurence is a fantastic French teacher. I worked with her for several months and achieved great results. Laurence's approach is to tailor a bespoke course for her students, focussing on their individual priorities and goals, meaning that it is a very efficient way to learn. The set up is also very flexible allowing you to add more lessons or have a lighter week, as your schedule demands. I highly recommend Laurence as a French teacher


Daniel Rubenson
Professor of Political Science
September 2013


Laurence Bervas is contracted by the Defence Office at the Australian Embassy in Paris. She teaches French to me as an accompanying spouse, as well as its employees.

Laurence is a French national who lived and worked in Germany for seven years. The respect and empathy she has for her students is that which comes from personal experience. Laurence fully understands the challenges of learning a language as an expatriate.

Laurence tailors her lessons for the needs of her students, from school-aged children to corporate and diplomatic clients. I highly recommend Laurence for her professional and personable manner. 


Rachel Hoskin
Wife de Mr. Rupert Hoskin,
Defence Attaché at the Australian Embassy
September 2013


Proficiency, patience and perserverance are Laurence's qualities that I appreciated a lot. She's full of joy of life and knows how to guide you with nimbleness. Laurence makes you want to communicate and progress whilst keeping the pleasure of learning intact.


Julia, german


With Laurence, studying french is different, she's not the typical college teacher but much more, like a friend who welcomes you in her hometown. Studying with Laurence was very pleasant, she always prepared surprises for us.

With her, I learnt the "true" french, the one we use in everyday life. 


Beatriz, spanish


Laurence's lessons are really fun. She makes learning the French language a challenge and constantly evolves the material used to ensure that your interest is always held, I heartily recommend her to anyone wishing to learn French.


Roland, new-zelander


To learn french is not easy. The language is full of small details, which you cannot experience, when you just read it. You need to speak it and learn with your mistakes. Thanks to Laurence, I learned the language in a very natural way and she made it easily accessible. With her humor, her charm and her flexibility she obliged to my needs in a perfect way and I not only enjoyed working with her, but it also helped me a lot.


Eva, german

Laurence is a very professional teacher with simple yet very effective teaching style. She helped me a lot in my french studies, especially during my application process for the Ecole Militaire (Military School) in Paris.

Besides being a great teacher, she is also a fun and interesting person.


Nizar, Israeli